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A new Oceanic® Marine Interpretation Centre, Exhibition Centre, Cafe and Tourist Accommodations. 
Works are in progress with the remodelling of a group of historic buildings located adjacent to and overlooking the main entrance of Horta Marina. The original buildings, known locally as "Relva" featured more than 1,000m2 of interior floor space and a 630m2 courtyard at the rear.


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Oceanic® Centre, Horta  -  Origination, Concept & Location


The Oceanic® Centre project design was originated in 2013 by local designer and marine life visual artist Les Gallagher / Fishpics®. The primary objective of the project was to create an Oceanic® Interpretation (visitor's) Centre supported by the presence of thematic tourist accommodations, a thematic seafood bistro type cafe and provide a facility for the development of a new sustainable seafood brand. The underlying theme of the Centre being the promotion of the sustainable use and appreciation of the oceanic marine resources of the Azores.


In January 2014, the original 60 page document concept design was complimented by the successful registration of the European community trademark "Oceanic®” specifically intended for the trading of goods and services under the following international (Nice) trademark classifications:


Class 41. Organisation of exhibitions for cultural and educational purposes; Cinema presentations; Publications of books; Publication of electronic books and journals on-line; Publication of texts, other than publicity texts; Videotape film production (specifically, digital animation production).


Class 43. Services for providing food and drink; Temporary accommodation.


4 Economic Studies for the investment were presented in June 2014 to candidate for support under the scope of "SIDER  -Sistema de Incentivos para o Desenvolvimento Regional dos Açores", however due to a continued none availability of a suitable location for the Centre and due to the time limits of SIDER, it was agreed that the Oceanic® Marine Centre project would be pursponed and be re-candidated under the new project incentives system Competir+ .


By March 2015, the newly formed company Fishpics, Lda successfully acquired a group of buildings known locally as "Relva" and specifically for the installation of the new Oceanic® Centre. Located immediately in front of and overlooking the main entrance of Horta Marina, the buildings feature more than 1,000 m2 of interior space and have road access from the main street to a 630 m2 courtyard at the rear of the main building, making this an ideal location for the new Centre.


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Rua Vasco da Gama, 46

Horta, Island of Faial

PT- 9900-017-HRT

les@oceanic-centre.com / Tel +351 966783101


OCEANIC® MARINE CENTRE is owned and promoted by FISHPICS®, LDA  EU VAT PT-513380736

OCEANIC® and FISHPICS® are E.U. community trademarks of Les Gallagher / FISHPICS®, LDA / OCEANIC® CREATIONS, LDA