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Limited resolution electronic format editions for educational use only - not for comercial use
Edições com resolução limitada em formato electrónico só para uso educacional - não para uso comercial 

Neither (a) Fishpics® illustrations nor (b) Oceanic® Creations products nor (c) any work derived from or based upon Fishpics® species illustrations or sculptures (i.e., “Derivative Works”) may be put to Commercial Use without the prior written permission of Les Gallagher (owner of Fishpics® and Oceanic®) or IMAR - Instituto do Mar. For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, “Commercial Use” means a) any use by, on behalf of, or to inform or assist the activities of, a commercial entity (an entity that operates ‘for profit’) inclusive of services rendered by design or print professionals or b) use by any individual or non-profit entity for the purposes of revenue generation.


If you wish to use Fishpics® illustrations or Oceanic® Creations products for such commercial purposes, please contact Les Gallagher. 

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