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OCEANIC® RADIO - PODCASTS from the Azores 
Explore tha natural habitats of the Azores with naturalist and conservationists Sean Paton

1. OCEANIC STREAMS - from the lush green river beds of the Azores  - Sean joins a small group of volunteers that are busily collecting ......

2. OCEANIC GIANTS  -  sperm whales of the Azores - venturing offshore with marine biologist Lisa Steiner to experience these toothy leviathans in their natural habitat ......

3. SPOILT FOR CHOICE  - an insight into the commercial fisheries of the Azores - why consumer choice can make all the difference and why many people think the Azores could be an idealistic example of a sustainable fishery.

4. BIRDS OF A FEATHER  - during the summer months the Azores are home to the world's largest colony of Cory's Shearwaters. Sean joins marine biologist Cris to find out more about the these amazing animals and understand more about some of the issues that may threaten their survival.

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