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Events at Oceanic® 

Com o objetivo de promover e apoiar iniciativas relacionadas com a preservação, conservação e sustentabilidade da vida marinha, a equipa OCEANIC®, disponibiliza o seu espaço para a realização de eventos, reuniões ou apresentações que promovam essas praticas.

The OCEANIC® team welcomes opportunities to host, facilitate and promote events, meetings and presentations aimed at marine life conservation, marine research and sustainable uses of marine resources.


No More Plastics for the Azores "Coastal Cleanup" 24 Mar 2018

The "clean-up" was followed by multiple presentations held at the Oceanic® and was a great example of good collaboration between:


- The team from "No More Plastics for the Azores"

- The crew from the visiting tall ship sailing school "Thor Heyerdahl”





The event brought people together from various nations to share their experiences and what they are learning about plastics in our ocean. The cleanup involved 73 volunteers and remover 647 kgs of plastic waste from coastal areas on Faial before it was placed in public view to promote both local and international awareness.

Colaboração - II Festival de Curtas Metragens 26,27,28 e 29 de Dezembro 2017

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